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EthelFest 2012!
Music from the 1970s and beyond! The sounds of YES! The memories of CHICAGO! and MORE at ETHELFEST 2012, an evening of retro tunes and modern mayhem for baby boomers and adults of all ages!
What is EthelFest?
EthelFest is the Chicago-area progressive rock music event! Held annually, we aim to bring progressive rock fans together to spend an evening to bond over the music we love.

Please join us for a wonderful evening of music and friendship!
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  • 08/06/2012: descriptive band information added
  • 07/27/2012: Ticket information on 2012 Tickets tab
  • 07/05/2012: Detailed Band information added on the 2012 Bands tab
  • 07/05/2012: Hotel information finalized! See Hotel tab
  • 05/01/2012: Zip Tang completes the EthelFest 2012 lineup!
  • 04/19/2012: The musicians that brought us Project: Crimson last year will perform the music of early Chicago at EthelFest 2012 as: Projekct: Chicago
  • 03/07/2012: Going For the One to appear at EthelFest 2012
Saturday - 8/25/2012
EthelFest 2012
Chicago's Progressive Rock Music Event
$15 cover
Sullivan's Irish Pub & Eatery
4660 W 147th St
Midlothian, IL 60445
Phone: 708.385.9200
Free download of high-resolution poster (4.5 MB)
Lineup for 2012
Going For The One Projekct: Chicago Zip Tang
EthelFest 2012 Committee

Deborah Houston
: Chief Executive Optimist/Co-Organizer/Marketing Operations/Web Developer/Ethel
Dale Stubitsch: Co-Organizer/Marketing Ops/Cruise Director/Julie
Matt Lewis: New Talent Chief/Co-Organizer/Magog
Jeff Denton: Webmaster
Bill Harrison: Artistic Logo Design and Event Poster
Chad Hutchinson: T-shirt Logo Design
Steve Royce: Stage Manager
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